Texas Longhorn bull semen

Texas Longhorn Embryos

Texas Longhorn embryos are the result of a flush.  Flushing a cow utilizes artificial insemination after the donor cow has been given shots to make her super ovulate and come into estrus.  Embryo Transfer is now accepted as the quickest and most cost efficient method of increasing the rate of genetic improvement within a herd.  For Texas Longhorn operations, it can be a valuable addition to any breeding program, leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

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We flushed this Texas Longhorn Cow, Shadow Honey with Awesome Viagra in 09/07.

                    Texas Longhorn Cow - Shadow Honey   X   Texas Longhorn Bull - Awesome Viagra

We have 3, grade #1 embryos left from our flush of Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit-O-Honey) with Awesome Viagra (Phenomenon X Starlight)  These heifer calves are the result of this flush and show the consistent predictability of these genetics.   See Foundation Longhorn page for updated pictures and info on these Viagra daughters.  These Awesome Viagra heifers have pedigree, color, big bodies and lots of horn growth.  They are also half sisters to SDR Candy Cane which sold at the '08 Legacy Sale for $170,000.  Since we are down to 3 embryos, these frozen embryos are now, $600 each.  If you are interested but do not like the risk of successfully implanting an embryo, we have an embryo package you might like.  For $3,500 you get a recip cow confirmed pregnant by blood test, with one of these embryos.  The Longhorn recip cow is yours to keep or we would be happy to buy her back after weaning.
Texas Longhorn CalfLonghorn CowAwesome Shadow Honey
Texas Longhorn Calf Texas Longhorn CowAwesome Dr. Laura
Awesome Dr. Laura @ 24 months was 51.25" TTT.  Prediction is 77.18" at maturity.
Awesome Shadow Honey @ 24 months was 54.875" TTT.  Prediction is 82.64" at maturity.


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