Texas Longhorn riding steers

Longhorn Steers

The majestic Texas Longhorn Steer congers up images of the old west and long dusty cattle drives.  The longhorn steer of today has more utility than 100 years ago.  They can be used for Agricultural property tax exemption, trained as riding steers, and unique lawn art, or consumed for their lean healthy beef.

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  He is Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Unnamed (Bull)

PH No.
Born: 02-13-2013
Sire: K9 Feisty King Rex (Feisty Lee JR. X Awesome Shadow Honey)
Dam: K9 Whiffle Honey (PCC Evader X Shadow Honey)

Horn: .
Picture: 03-30-13.

Price: Sold, Thanks Lonnie Shan for your purchase of this future trophy Steer.

TLBAA Pedigree


Awesome Imus is going to be big and masculine.  He is speckling up.  He has a lot of black and red spots developing on his sides.  He is definitely tri-colored.  He will be a long horned steer with the low twist.

K9 Awesome Imus

PH No.9
No. BAI80858
Born: 01-13-09
Sire: Awesome Viagra (Phenomenon X Starlight)
Dam: Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit O Honey)

Picture: 03-14-10
  29.5" TTT on 01-13-10 / 38.5" TTT on 05-17-10 / 42.065" ttt on 08-05-10

Price: Sold

TLBAA Pedigree




He is tri-colored and speckling up more each day.  Pictures do not do justice for how colorful he really is.  He is already dog gentle.

K9 Awesome Famous Amos

PH No.29
No. BTI81770*
Born: 10-01-09
Sire: Awesome Viagra (Phenomenon X Starlight)
Dam: Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit O Honey)

Picture: 08-24-10
  29.5" TTT on 10-04-10

Price: Sold

TLBAA Pedigree





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